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Drug Free Pain Relief Patch

What it does

Heliopatch is a patch that you place on your body to relieve pain and help normalize range of motion.

How it works

The patch donates free electrons to your body. These neutralize the free radicals that are the cause of some pain. When cells are injured or under stress their metabolism is derailed and free radicals are made, causing increasing havoc.

There are many defense mechanisms in the body, but these are of limited capacity and can be overwhelmed by free radicals, and when this happens, their effects are magnified by the free radical chain reaction. Like the spark that starts a fire, once it becomes self-sustaining, a free radical chain reaction can be difficult to halt. Fire is an apt analogy, because it is one of the clearest examples of oxidation chain reactions becoming self-sustaining and all-consuming. At the point where the body’s defenses have been depleted, something more needs to be done to restore normal functions or the free radicals start to cause damage to the surrounding area, creating discomfort, impaired performance, and pain.

Free electrons behave as a pure form of antioxidant. They can enter at any part of the body, and are self-guided to the closest, most highly charged free radicals. Unlike dietary antioxidants, these do not have to travel from digestion to the blood, and can enter areas where blood flow might be limited. This mode of action circumvents the normal limitations of antioxidant nutrients, complementing and saving these for their more specific tasks as enzyme cofactors, this local and rapid mode of action is a perfect complementation to the slower and more general effects of dietary antioxidants.

The magnesium in the patch corrodes releasing two electrons for every atom. These electrons then migrate into the user, finding and neutralizing the dangerous free radicals before they take the electron from important “machinery” in the body like an enzyme or important structural components like collagen. The free radicals are then very limited in the extent of damage they can produce, which unburdens the body’s antioxidant system and requires less rebuilding of cellular structures.

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