What it does

Lunapatch helps relieve cramps and fatigue women feel during their menstrual cycles. It’s placed over the uterus, is drug free and has no side effects noted by study participants.


How it works

Menstrual inflammation is caused by the release of prostaglandins. These are inflammatory signals released during menstruation that cause the discomfort felt by women. Our electron donation technology acts as a targeted antioxidant which overwhelms and neutralizes the free radicals that prostaglandin signalling creates.


Near the estrogen peak oxidative stress levels in women increase.These levels then decrease during the progestin phase, eventually returning to normal at the end of the menstrual cycle.


It is during this estrogen peak that most discomfort of the menstrual cycle is felt, such as the cramps and fatigue. Lunapatch neutralizes the free radicals that causing oxidative stress.